Ice Cream and Chill






Spring has decided to show up, and so have frequent date nights. Tim and I have been taking advantage of the sunny, warm days in Cincinnati by getting dinner, A LOT of ice cream, and enjoying our city. Side note- I am not the only one who has been eating the ice cream; Tim has as well! It is such an odd thing to highlight but it is because a few years ago Tim gave up sweets! I don’t know what made him change his mind, (maybe me taunting him every time I ate ice cream or donuts) but he has finally joined me on the dark side and I couldn’t be happier. Now I don’t feel as bad for eating ice cream every night.

I don’t think my pale legs are ready for shorts yet so I’ve been opting for comfy, statement pants! I consider myself a lazy fashionista where I want to be fashionable, but in the easiest way possible-meaning being able to throw on printed pants or a romper and be done. If not I would probably be trying on thousands of outfit combinations. I’ve been loving these super soft, knit Urban Outfitters pants, that give me all the right 70’s vibes. For those lucky ducklings who are average-tall height, (sadly I’m 5 foot 2) these will be cropped on you! It’s nice when I don’t feel like coming up with an outfit because I can just pair these with a plain t-shirt and go!

Let me know if you get these, we can match!


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