A Merry Cousin Christmas

Who would have thought I would actually enjoy taking family photos for once? I had some pretty scarring photos back in the day. Imagine a small chubby kid, dressed up in western style clothing with her eyes closed and face all sweaty in every photo. That was me.  I swear the perfect recipe is to be past the age of puberty, have an outfit you feel confident in; and a talented, fun photographer.





Planning ahead isn’t one of my strong suits, but I’m working on it! The day of the photoshoot I was frantically rummaging through my entire closet to find some type of ‘fall-christmasyesque’ outfit that didn’t scream lumberjack.

I recently bought this taupe, so-called turtle-neck sweater from Urban Outfitters that I wanted to incorporate so badly. On the website, it looks like a normal length sweater. But no, as you can tell it’s a freaking dress! To add more coverage and layers to the dress, I wore a black slip dress underneath. I believe that having a black slip dress in your wardrobe is an essential. You can wear it under anything, like a leather jacket, or alone during the summer!


The “sweater-dress” itself is as non-form-fitting as you can get. I decided to use a satin tie as a cinch around my waist. The tie was part of a blouse I got from Nordstrom, which I stole for this situation. Fashion tip: If you need a belt, use one of your shirt or dress ties instead!

You can never go wrong with thigh-high boots. They just make everyone’s legs so long and skinny! Also, you don’t look as ‘crazy’ for wearing dresses and skirts in the winter time.


For these photos, Caitlin, told us to look at the person who we think is the loudest. These are our real reactions!

If you are in the Cincinnati/Louisville area, Caitlin Murphy, is your go-to photographer! Not only does she have great photography skills but she is also a lot of fun to work with. She is so sweet and has many great ideas for your family photos!

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